Distributed Digital Transformation

How can a leading accounting firm bring together all key digital stakeholders and involve its employees in shaping and guiding its transition to a more digital ‘firm of the future’?

We first worked with this leading accounting firm back in 2009, advising on social business and creating a prototype collaboration platform as a precursor to their first social platform ‘Jam’ that helped change the workplace culture of the firm.

More recently, we have advised the firm on digital strategy and transformation, helping to bring together a Digital Leadership Group of all major stakeholders and using capability mapping to build a shared picture of digital maturity, key capabilities and gaps that need to be addressed.

With a non-executive seat on the group, we have helped define the scope of transformation needed in evolving the digital workplace, adopting new ways of working, and building out and connecting the new services and products that will help the firm innovate for its clients.

As part of this work, we helped establish a digital guides network of change agents, and created a learning community hub to encourage self-directed experimentation with new ways of working in the new Office 365 cloud-based platform.

We are very interested in the future of the firm in professional services, and firms like this with strong people and social values are best placed to win the trust of their clients in sharing the journey towards digital transformation.

Like many firms, there is no one-size-fits all approach to digital, and some areas are further ahead than others. One client executive described our approach as ‘helping the future firm emerge’ rather than the conventional top-down change approach.


  • Digital Workplace development
  • Technology adoption & culture change
  • Digital strategy & leadership
  • Capability mapping & shared roadmap
  • Digital transformation at team & firm level
  • Digital learning hub to help people make the most of new tools


  • Shared, agile strategy for digital transformation
  • Digital leadership group and guides
  • Strategy connecting operations, transformation & innovation
  • Capability map to align & connect distributed development

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