Digital Leadership Development

How can leaders in a fast-moving hi-tech firm adopt new leadership techniques and ways of working to take advantage of agile methods even in a tightly run KPI-driven organisation?

This leading European telecoms group has invested in a state-of-the-art leadership development programme to ensure senior people have the skills and knowledge to lead effectively in the digital age.

Working with Duke University Corporate Education, we contributed content around the theme of ambidextrous leadership, and went on to provide in-depth one-to-one coaching to a number of senior leaders across the organisation to help apply these ideas to practical real-world strategies and scenarios they were facing in their work.

We also ran some internal workshops on re-thinking internal functions as services, and on applying agile methods and principles to IT functions, and ran webinars for distributed groups looking to accelerate new ways of working.

The opportunity to apply our experience of adopting new ways of working to everyday management challenges was fascinating, and we also learned a lot from the experience of senior leaders with whom we spent time, both face to face and over video link.


  • Learning content development
  • Video and audio segment recording
  • In-depth leadership coaching
  • Agile team workshops
  • Real-world scenario consulting
  • Digital leadership advisory


  • Part of a world-class learning programme
  • Re-usable content for a huge global firm
  • Support and confidence-building for emerging leaders
  • Practical advice for digital leadership
  • New ideas for applying agile methods

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