Digital Adoption & Executive Development

How can a huge and highly successful company change the practices that have worked so well in the past and define the leadership competencies and mindsets needed for a different future?

This leading automotive manufacturer is at the forefront of many of the transformations in the sector from electrification and automation through to apps, services and alternative ownership models. But the organisation that created their success in the past needs to adapt for a more unpredictable future.

We worked with their internal expert team on new ways of working to help select a new generation of digital workplace tools and platforms for the whole group, and advised on their adoption and alignment to specific needs and user cases. In doing so, we also brought an approach to rapid, real-time remote working and collaboration that helped this team establish new practices.

Recognising the challenge of updating its executive education, the group’s corporate academy asked us to help them develop methods for digital talent mapping and the identification of hotpots of good practice that can be analysed and common attributes found and shared.

This work involved data analysis and research from existing sources, interviews to understand the common factors across digital hotspots, and the development of a flexible and repeatable model the academy could use to help ensure that it stays focused on developing the right mindsets, competencies and skills that leaders will need to improve the overall picture.


  • Needs and use case analysis workshops
  • Technology advisory & tool selection
  • Business case development for the Board
  • Real-time collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • Talent mapping and L&D data analysis
  • Digital hotspot model and process design


  • Preferred toolset signed off by the Board
  • Knowledge transfer to key internal change team
  • New insights into leadership talent & skills
  • A repeatable model for digital talent identification

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