Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

In a highly successful biopharmaceutical business that works in scientific fields and markets that are changing faster than ever, how can we prepare an entire generation of leaders for tomorrow?

Working with Duke University Corporate Education, we are supporting a year-long leadership development programme with this world-leading pharmaceutical company.

It is great to be part of such an imaginative and well-designed face-to-face learning experience, and it is a delight to be given a flexible brief to mix and match challenging keynotes, informative case studies and practical hands-on group work with some very switched on cohorts of emerging leaders, depending on the flow of the day.

It certainly keeps us on our toes and means no two sessions will be completely the same!

The credit for the design of the programme goes to the client’s L&D team and Duke, but our deep and wide expertise across all things digital leadership and strategy mean we are a key player in encouraging participants to really change things when they go back to work, rather than just fondly recall an enjoyable few days of exploration.


  • Co-design of learning content
  • High-impact keynotes
  • Workshop sessions
  • Dialogue with leadership cohorts


  • High energy learning experiences
  • Strong engagement from learning cohorts
  • Embedding techniques, not just ideas
  • Demonstrating responsiveness to new challenges

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