Nissan Europe

Leadership development for global automotive firm

Working with our partners, Emeritus, we were asked to assist with a leadership development programme in a key sub-region, focused on how modern leaders need to embrace and direct organisational change. We also worked with the overall regional leadership at a more senior level on how to navigate change and uncertainty as leaders during a time of rapid and unpredictable change in the global organisation and its key markets.

On a practical level, we brought our deep knowledge and experience of the automotive sector to bear on teaching relevant methods and and models for the application of agility, new ways of working and digital transformation at the regional level.

At the strategic level, we shared some methods and approaches for maximising the scope and agency of leaders for positive and inclusive change, even in contexts where they may not have access to all the levers at the group level.

These engaging and interactive sessions were both informative, challenging and empowering in terms of giving leaders a greater sense of agency and ability to make changes even in difficult circumstances.


  • Research with key execs
  • Learning content design
  • Virtual learning delivery


  • Excellent feedback
  • Multiple cohorts engaged
  • Shared practical methods to advance their change leadership

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