Focusing on Leaders in Digital Adoption

How can a huge traditional organisation ensure leaders adopt new digital workplace technology to encourage their employees to follow?

Like all major industrial firms, this group faces a challenge to become more digital and agile without compromising on quality. As part of its efforts to upgrade its internal platforms and become more collaborative, they recently embarked on a roll-out of the Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Recognising that one of their major adoption challenges would be to persuade traditional leaders in the firm to start working digitally and set an example for employees, a very experienced HR executive who has been a long-term pioneer of new ways of working created a dedicated leadership learning and adoption programme.

We designed a dedicated leadership education and adoption programme, which built on their existing success using a network of digital guides to encourage change, and used this group to help run the programme and support leaders and their assistants.

Our diagnostic tool helped us understand the digital maturity of leaders to inform the design of custom learning journeys to help apply the new tools to practical scenarios in their work. We also created a podcast series drawing on interviews with international experts, and ran regular online check-ins with the guides to tweak their engagement techniques to ensure the best results.


  • Digital Leadership learning programme for senior executives
  • Weekly podcasts with international experts
  • Curated reading and management techniques related to new ways of working
  • Private online learning community design
  • Energised and supported a network of Digital Guides to act as facilitators
  • Diagnostic chatbot to benchmark digital maturity and create personalised learning


  • Leaders understand how to use digital workplace tools to become force multipliers for new ways of working
  • A framework for improving Digital Leadership skills that can be replicated across the organisation
  • Digital Guide network galvanised on how to spread digital skills and new ways of working through the organisation
  • Further use cases identified for Learning Hub Content, such as Digital Guide onboarding

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