Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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Livio just published an in-depth piece on the digitalisation of Financial Services to introduce our offering for financial services

Ea blogged this week on why non-Google companies must start experimenting with new ways of working, inspired by Laszlo Bock’s talk at LSE earlier this week. 

Lee wrote about how to use internal expertise to drive digital identity in knowledge-intensive firms as an intro to our workshop on this topic in London on June 9th.


To increase collaboration in our workplace we need to examine ourselves, not our tools.

Gartner’s Workplace Vision: Digital Dexterity.

Pros and cons of the distributed workforce from Forbes.



How to create an actionable organisational strategy, as opposed to a set of hollow goals.

Insights on Amazon’s 14 key principles, from frugality to customer obsession.

Deloitte’s Bill Briggs on what to look out for when strategising around Internet of Things.



WSJ examines European and USA mentality, and why this leads to a less vibrant startup culture.

3 people who are inventing new ways to work. 

Mark Suster on the best way to describe your startup.



Connected Communities, social networks and social problems (2011)