This week’s curator, Laura-Jane Parker, wraps up the Post*Shift Linklog for the summer with some longer reads on the future of work to take you through until September.

At Post*Shift this time of year is often when the pace of work slows down a little. Many of our clients take time off for the summer and important stakeholder meetings are postponed until September. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time reading in more depth on some of the big topics that interest us.

It is difficult to find time to dive deep into topics and explore them when you are sprinting hard on delivery. We do our best to stay up to date on the latest thinking but sometimes you can only give headspace to summaries and overviews. Engaging with deeper reads helps inform and inspire our work. It helps us advance not just our client work, but our plans for Post*Shift and fulfilling our mission. So we are seizing the opportunity and you should too!

We hope you enjoy the summer, and our links give you some inspiration of what to read during your down-time. We’ll be back in September!