We improve organisational performance by helping firms develop & connect their digital business capabilities, drawing on our experience as pioneers of digital ways of working

We take pride in the diligent, detailed approach we take to our work, and aim to leave behind more productive, collaborative teams wherever we go.

To really improve the way an organisation works with emerging technology requires a combination of skills and knowledge that extend way beyond software features and functions – org design, agile and collaborative ways of working, digital leadership, change movements,  psychology and personal productivity are also important.

It is our experience and ability to operate confidently across these domains that our clients say they find most valuable.

Some insights into our thinking:

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A revelation

We realised blogs were better and cheaper than the big hand-made systems we were building, so we exited our previous startup and decided to focus on something new...

A new vision

We created a new venture - Headshift - wrote our paper 'Smart, Simpler, Social' and set about trying to persuade organisations to switch from top-down big IT systems to lightweight, digital collaboration

Building the social web

We enjoyed working on some pioneering social web initiatives and social enterprises in healthcare, civic engagement and business

Award-winning in Legal

Social knowledge sharing successes in top tier law firms - who knew lawyers could be so open to sharing ? 😉

Pursuing org change through social tools

Whilst our peers pursued consumer social media growth, we doubled down on the potential of these tools to transform the way we relate and work in our organisations

Re-thinking enterprise IT & collaboration

It is fair to say we locked horns with a few IT departments in trying to popularise the use of wikis and other sharing tools inside large organisations, but we found enough allies to make some real progress

Built a great team and learned how to pitch

That time our amazing head of design thought n the UK everybody would turn up in fancy dress at Halloween even if we had a very serious pitch meeting, Sometimes you have to just style it out.

We managed one of the craziest online + real-life events ever attempted

Artist Antony Gormley was given a Trafalgar Square plinth in London for 100 days and chose to run a nationwide open access process that culminated in one person per hour (24/7 for 3 months with no gaps) standing on the plinth and doing whatever they wanted. Everything was live online and on TV, and even participant had a live blog. It was mad, but it worked. Our only project to be archived in the British Museum.

Acquisition, growth and Vegas nights

We agreed to merge into a much larger and better funded US scale-up, which meant we ran the European operation of a much large entity. It was fun while it lasted and annual all-hands week-long meetings in Vegas were ... memorable.

Developing social systems to identify actionable data

We built some interesting tools to surface data anomalies and find actionable needles among the haystacks, trying to zig towards organisational use cases when others were zagging towards consumer social media

A long-term transformation role with Bosch

Perhaps it was the Mario slide or the tie, we will never know, but this was the beginning of a very rewarding and interesting engagement with the Bosch group's senior leaders to create and help run the Project for an Agile Company.

Time for another fresh start to refocus on transformation

We exited from the Dachis Group (taking back the Headshift name and wiki) to focus on organisational transformation from a systems perspective, and not just tech. We called the new venture Postshift and launched with a hilariously optimistic post that (once again) was about a decade too early

A new space

We established a co-working space / new office and invested in some startups, whilst continuing transformation work with our long-term clients and partners

Developed our approach to agile, distributed transformation

We continued exploring ways to leverage small transformation teams to have maximum influence in large organisations and started working on tools to enable others to use this approach

Exploring organisational capabilities as change goals

We had an enjoyable year working with Daimler's Digital Life team as well as other new clients, and we found more use cases for our emerging approach of organisational capabilities as change goals

Re-thinking internal functions in an agile organisation

We took on more professional services work with a focus on adoption of new ways of working, and completed a top-to-bottom internal service review for one firm to help them re-imagine back-end functions as potential platform services

Capability Mapping for Digital Leaders

We helped create Digital Leadership Groups in client firms, and worked with their execs to apply capability mapping as a way to bring together all their various digital initiatives and plans to avoid waste and encourage a connected platform approach

Lisbon, hybrid locations and lots of learning

We set up our Lisbon office and in London we switched to an itinerant hybrid working model using co-working spaces for flexibility (and more varied lunch options). We did a lot more executive education projects and enjoyed being part of Astra Zeneca's excellent leadership programme in Cambridge, working with Duke CE.

Started a new long-term digital capability project

We got stuck in to a large-scale digital acceleration programme for a major European industrial firm, which involved everything from strategy to adoption, learning and agile transformation

Greater focus on executive education

During the pandemic, we took on a lot more executive education and emerging leader learning projects working direct with clients and also with business school partners

Expanded our curriculum for digital leadership

With more executive education projects and a dearth of practical, tested learning content, we worked hard to expand our own curriculum to cover all aspects of leading a digital organisation

Platform development

We completed a first release candidate for our digital capability accelerator platform, and began shaping up to deploy this with early test clients

Launch of Shift*Base as a new venture

We launched our new venture with a personal learning companion Shift*Academy, and previewed our Shift*Base digital capability accelerator for the enterprise - see shiftbase.info for more details

Selected Blog Posts

Designing hybrid human-AI use cases for the enterprise

Designing hybrid human-AI use cases for the enterprise

GPTs: fun, but also useful? Azeem Azhar is doing a great job of documenting and analysing the rapid development of GenAI in his excellent newsletter Exponential View, and last week he shared a discussion with one of the co-authors of the original Transformers paper...

Four Areas of AI Readiness We Need to Improve

Four Areas of AI Readiness We Need to Improve

We all have high hopes for the impact of AI and smart automation on the enterprise, but without urgent action on organisational readiness, the biggest improvements and productivity gains will likely be out of reach. As Dave Wright and Brian Solis wrote for CIO...

Could AI Be A Catalyst For Wider Organisational Change?

Could AI Be A Catalyst For Wider Organisational Change?

Productivity Hopes and the Solow Paradox Away from the breathless excitement about GPTs and their latest impressive content creation tricks, there has been some thoughtful discussion recently about the impact of AI on work and the organisations we build to coordinate...

Don’t Fear the Coming Trough of AI Disillusionment

Don’t Fear the Coming Trough of AI Disillusionment

2024 looks set to be a big year for enterprise AI adoption, but we need to think long-term and not be driven by the hype or the backlash.   It looks like 2024 will be the year when GenAI, automation and smart systems gain a strong foothold in the enterprise. But...

Harnessing Corporate GPTs for a Transformative Digital Workplace

Harnessing Corporate GPTs for a Transformative Digital Workplace

The Dawn of Corporate GPTs in the Digital Workplace The emergence of enterprise GPTs marks a new phase in the journey towards smarter, digital workplaces. One trend we are seeing already is the emergence of two distinct paths: specialised, domain-specific GPTs, such...

Free your leadership capacity to define team opportunity

Free your leadership capacity to define team opportunity

Imagine an organisation where leaders are swarmed with tasks to the point they don’t dedicate any time to leading teams. Now imagine an organisation where leaders only focus on the performance of teams and try to micromanage every situation. Since neither option is...

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