About Us

A highly experienced team that works with leaders to design, develop, run and evolve organisational operating systems that are fit for purpose in the digital age.

“A bit nerdy but lots of fun to work with”

Enablers, not consultants. Builders, not hand wavers. Pragmatists, not ideologues.

We are dedicated to helping firms of all sizes undertake Digital Transformation to create more resilient and adaptable business structures for the 21st Century.

We passionately believe that business can be better when it is more human and connected, and we believe that this process of change driven by digital technology has only just begun.

We helped pioneer the use of social, digital tools and networks to create the digital workplace. Now this is mainstream and the headshift we helped to create has happened, the question is what new forms of organisation can we create on top?

Our core team has run many major client projects together, spanning consultancy, technology development, marketing and social business organisation. We also work with a wider network of specialists, partners and associates, whose expertise can be called upon as required.


At the leadership level

We work with digital leaders to map digital strategy, capability gaps, and cultivate a network of digital guides across the organisation; we also deliver in-depth digital leadership learning and development programmes.

At the platform level

We map the capabilities, services and skills of emerging agile teams, and help assemble them into a service platform that the whole firm can use. We also help design and implement key platform elements starting with a digital learning hub.

At the team level

We help switch from a process-centric work system to a more agile and service-centric approach, identify scope for automation or standardisation of these services, and then create the interfaces and connections with other teams to work better together.

Let’s (Not) Make Bots In Our Own Image

Let’s (Not) Make Bots In Our Own Image

Approximation & Interpolation It is impossible to ignore the wave of excitement, hype and alarm that the launch of ChatGPT - and its recent adoption by Microsoft as an enhancement to its Bing search engine - has created in the past couple of weeks. Co-founder Sam...

Fail, Learn and Repeat. Or not really?

Fail, Learn and Repeat. Or not really?

Should we always encourage failure-as-learning, and when might this risk de-motivate individual contributors, asks Sebastian Kowalski in this Link*Log. Learning by iterating is not the same as accepting overall failure At this point, most team leads have been told...

Little Helper, not Big Brother

Little Helper, not Big Brother

Amid the AI hype and fear-mongering, there is value today in creating augmentative little helpers in the workplace, rather than trying to simply replace people. We make our tools, and our tools destroy us in a robot uprising make us Amid reports of ChatGPT being used...