Last Wednesday evening we hosted the Postshift Foundry launch event and we had a blast. We were excited and thrilled to see the count go all the way up to hundreds of guests – we couldn’t be sure how many of you would make it despite the RSVP! We were genuinely moved to see so many of you caring so deeply about how we can make the evolution from social business to org design and future of work ideas actually work in practice. The public #postshiftparty Twitter stream (and lots of private thank you messages) told us that you really enjoyed the experience, loved our new office, and that the crowd we managed to gather was a really special mix of interesting people. We understand the lack of a mic made the presentations hard to hear for some people in the back of the room (apologies… we were just not expecting so many people!), so we’ll try to make up for it here on the blog by sharing some more thinking with you on the night’s themes, especially around how we plan to join up the innovation, determination and passion of startups with the strengths, capabilities and self-renewal needs of corporations. Thank you all for coming, see you all the next event, and please enjoy the shots from the night!