Digital Workplace Development

A smart Digital Workplace that helps people connect, share and get their work done is the foundation of any digital organisation.

Digital workplace technology options have improved, but most organisations still struggle with adoption, embedding new ways of working into existing work, and overcoming the ‘learned helplessness’ that has surrounded the use of digital workplace tools for too long.

As pioneers of enterprise digital tools, we have unrivalled experience helping organisations improve adoption and ROI for the digital workplace by focusing on the human factors – solid use cases, in-the-flow support, contextual prompts and ongoing learning from peers – as well as technology and user experience design.

Digital Workplace development should encourage people to try new ways of working using digital tools, while developing their skills and reducing the tech support overhead.

Our approach starts with a Digital Hub designed to share practical, real-world use cases and success stories, together with support from a network of Digital Guides (digitally-confident colleagues who are happy to help), and a Digital Concierge bot that can answer questions about the technology and help direct queries to the appropriate content. Implemented together, these represent the best way to maximise the value of digital workplace technology and move from tool adoption to better ways of working and organisational transformation.

Challenges we address

  • Digital workplace needs a central purpose in overall transformation journey
  • Developing essential digital skills and helping people work smarter
  • Reducing help-desk overhead using peer-to-peer support model
  • Cultivating a network of Digital Guides to champion new ways of working
  • Moving from basic tool-focused adoption to organisational transformation

Service elements

  • Digital workplace technology evaluation
  • Use case development
  • Digital Hub configuration and integration
  • Digital Hub content licensing
  • Custom learning design & development
  • Guides network animation
  • Concierge bot design & deployment
  • Testing, optimisation, launch and support

Typical Benefits

  • Increased adoption and utility for digital workplace tools
  • Lower end-user support costs
  • Digital skills development for employees and leaders
  • Improved user engagement for digital ways of working
  • Maximise the ROI of Digital Workplace technologies
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